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Capt. Jose Arias
USCG Licensed & Insured

     As a kid growing up in Miami, FL , all I ever wanted to do was go fishing.  Holidays, summers, and just about any free time I had was spent fishing the banks of local canals and lakes, or on bridges soaking bait. My passion for fishing and the water took over every aspect of my early childhood and teenage years. When I was old enough to work at a local supermarket, I remember spending my entire first paycheck on a new fishing rod and reel combo and a couple Rapala lures. I didn't have a dime left after that but I had new tackle and that meant the world to me. Everything revolved around fishing for me back then and not much has changed now. 

     Whether I'm poling the boat into position so a fly angler can get a perfect cast into a school of tailing bonefish or taking someone out fishing for the first time and teaching them the basics, I enjoy and take pride in showing my clients a good time. I am easy going and have over 20 years of local knowledge fishing Biscayne Bay, Flamingo/Everglades National Park, and the upper Florida Keys. I encourage you to book a Flats Fishing Charter with me and allow me to show you the First Class Sportfishing experience. You won't regret it!

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